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Blue Xmas

Bob Dorough, Holly Cole and John Alcorn – December 1, 2013

So, there I was on December 1, minding my own business at a party celebrating the birthday of my old pal, Holly Cole, when local scenester-extraordinaire Jaymz Bee burst through the bold-faced (or, at least, italicized) crowd with a dapper, effervescent gent at his side.

And that’s how I met Bob Dorough.

I’d been a fan for years, of course, loving his unique talents as singer and pianist. It’s his songwriting, however – particularly his lyrics – that really gains my deep admiration.

Starstruck and fumbling for words, I finally blurted out, “Wow. I’m a huge fan. In fact, just the other day I sang ‘Little Did I Dream’! I loooove your lyrics in that song!”

Not missing a beat, he replied, “Actually, those are Dave Frishberg‘s lyrics”.


Even more flustered now, scrambling to make myself look a little less like an idiot, “Ha, ha, ha…I’ll bet that people confuse you and Dave all the time…” (Please, dear god, let that be true…)

He grinned, “Yup.”

And so it went. Bob and Dave are longtime pals, of course. In fact, they were slated to do a duo concert in Portland the following week – so, I wasn’t completely off the mark. After a bit more banter, I finally said, “‘Devil May Care’! That’s yours, isn’t it? I sing that ALL the time!”

This time, I was correct. Thank god.

Flash forward a couple of weeks, to last night – another party, this time at the home of jazz piano great, Mark Eisenman, and his lovely partner, Sue Hall. The evening was winding down (I’m never the first to leave), when Mark said, “You gotta listen to this”.

The track was one I’d never heard before – and it slayed me, “Who IS this?”

Turns out it was none other than Bob Dorough, singing his tune ‘Blue Xmas’ with the Miles Davis Sextet in 1962.

I decided that I had to share it with all of you :)

I love the Holidays!

…and I wish all of you the merriest of merries, and a swingin’ 2014!!!


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